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        These podcasts are all about tough encounters and what God showed us about faith and peace when it seemed like He had vanished. Opposition, sickness, and brokenness all became avenues of greater strength. When I retired due to disability, I felt like I spent a year and a half in exile. But as the Covid pandemic began, God called me back. I sensed a great burden for America, and He began to show me that what I had been through was a picture of what our nation was about to go through and how to overcome.

        Disability, bankruptcy, fear, dysfunctional family of origin, anger, emergency rooms, life flights - these are just some of the words describing the challenges my family and I have had to face.

          "What's wrong with me? Or is this someone else's fault? Am I being punished?" Those questions and more have defined a pathway that often didn't look like the will of God at all. With over 40 years in the ministry, pastoring 4 churches, managing a growing television station, and being on the road, we've seen a lot. Though there have been many miracles, the greatest challenges to faith have come when it seemed like God wasn't there. But along the entire journey, He was placing signs that helped us overcome everything - often the hard way.

This is an evangelical, full-gospel ministry. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, the trinity as seen in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the Bible as the inspired word of God.

Salvation is received by repentance and faith, and is evidenced by a new life of peace with God and men, and obedience to God.

Healing and the gifts of the Spirit are given to the Church to comfort, inspire, and bear witness to God's glory and promises.

Jesus is coming back one day to receive His Church as the scriptures teach.

The Church is the body of Christ of which each person who is born again by his salvation experience is a member. Through participation in worship, fellowship, teaching, and expression of each members calling, everyone becomes equipped, nurtured, and strong in their walk with God.

with Terry Hartikka